A Skinny Girl and her (crazy) thoughts about food

A Skinny Girl and her (silly) Thoughts about Food…

Okay guys.  Here’s what I do Sunday nights.  I start thinking: omg, there’s so much to do and I’ve already been working so hard, I don’t want to go to work tomorrow, I need more time. I don’t want my weekend to end. Sheesh! You see the thought-theme?  All of these thoughts cause me to feel overwhelmed, dread-ICKY…

BUT… follow me here.  I notice myself saying: “Hey Angel (my awesome husband),  Let’s order pizza, scarf down some nachos, let’s go to the movies (to eat popcorn), eat a whole box of peanut brittle, chow on a sub, slurp down some ice cream, devour some wings.”  Okay! I have way too many examples.  I know… Shuttie.

You see where this is going?  When I think negative- let’s call them ‘icky’ thoughts, automatically, before even noticing what the hell my mind was doing, I thought: If I eat food- I won’t feel icky GASP… What the? That doesn’t even make sense… or does it??

Here is how the whole thing plays out.  First, I think: I don’t want my weekend to end. Then, that thought makes me feel icky.  After that, I eat a pack of almond joys and overeat pizza.  While… I’m eating it- I really don’t feel anything, just numb.  The first couple bites are heaven. The rest, I don’t really even notice the taste at all.  In fact I barely remember eating it.  I don’t feel anything for a few minutes.  Then, my body feels full, blaaaaa full, uncomfortable, bulky, gross.  Next, I go right back to thinking the same icky thoughts except now they are even bigger.  Not only do I have the original icky thoughts but now I have nasty piles of icky thoughts… Not to belabor the ickiness but here are just a few of them; Booo, I still don’t want my weekend to end, I shouldn’t have eaten so much, I’m never gonna reach my ultimate goal, I was bad, I hate it when I do this to myself.  I know… Crazy, Icky thoughts!

Do you see this cycle?…  I am a thought detective!  I pinpointed where it started.  It all started with my own icky Sunday-blues thoughts in the first place.  Geez!  It’s not Sunday, or Monday’s fault…. it’s my own thoughts about it.  I am the one who created icky thoughts.  Now… I can create better thoughts that aren’t so icky.  Here goes…

Sunday Night Thought Ickiness- A Thought Re-write:  Yes the weekend has come and tomorrow is another day in fact it is Monday ♥  I have no way of stopping time and that is a good thing.  There are 24 hours in a day, everyday.. that’s a lot.  I have chosen to work hard all weekend.   Actually I love it, that’s why I do it.  Besides there’s nothing I really have to do.  I choose what I do.  I decide to work.  Hard work  feels good to me.  I’m totally allowed to relax when I need to.  I choose to fill up my life with fun stuff.  I choose to eat food that nourishes my body and sometimes I eat food only because I really enjoy it.  I’m so glad that it’s actually my responsibility to cure icky thinking… yay!  Only I can do that! Yippeeee!!!  Hey! I feel better…

A note to food:  Dear food,  I’m sorry I expected you to cure my icky thinking.  I know there is no way in hell you have the power to do that.  You have nothing to do with creating or destroying my emotions.  I do all of that.  I got it mixed up.  It was my silly thinking.  You are what you are.  I love you.

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2 Responses to A Skinny Girl and her (crazy) thoughts about food

  1. Sassy Tart says:

    Awesome, you are so good at what you do….to use your statement a deep bow to you my friend…love you….

  2. Angie Merced says:

    Betsy! I love this idea… BE a sassy tart… don’t eat a sassy tart…lol So much more fun in the being…

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