Thought-Theme January: I Love Food

What a burrito taught me

Angel (my sweet fiance) and I drove to have a fun dinner out at this awesome mexican restaurant.  OMG, they drizzle this white cheese sauce on everything… Seriously, that stuff can’t be legal.  On our way there, I actually stopped and thought; Gee, I’m really not that hungry right now… Oh well, I’ll just go and have a little something.  This place is fun.  Dinner will be fun.  This is gonna be fun (food is fun)! 

Here’s how the dinner went.  Angel and I plopped in the booth and began munching on chips and salsa.  Devoured two baskets.  Not much conversation.  Not much thinking.  I ordered my favorite burrito… Scarfed down most of it and gave the rest to Angel.  While eating the meal, just burrito, gulp, burrito, gulp, burrito, gulp… Very little talking, very little thinking.  Hey! Not much actual… fun?  Two people sat, ate and left.  Oh and my poor body… ARG, I felt so over-stuffed, I didn’t want to move, all bloated, bulky, lethargic, yucky.  Why?  Why?  Why did I do it (again)?…

Since I am an issue investigator (life coach)… I know how to get to the bottom of this!  Here is the original thought:  I’m really not that hungry right now, but I will eat because food is fun.  Wtf??  Wait, food is fun??  Really, it is?… Food is fun?  How can food itself BE fun?  It’s a damn stuffed flour tortilla! How can it BE fun?  That is ridiculous and who the hell thinks that anyway?… Food is fun?  sheeeesh.  WAIT! The grown up-Angie knows that food is just food, so who thinks food is fun???…. Awe, it’s the kid-Angie.

Here’s what the kid-Angie thinks about food….  Food is parties, food is family and friends, treats are food, let’s have a treat (food) if you did something good, let’s have a treat to feel better, only eat special foods for special occasions, eat a lot because this is a special occasion and you won’t have it again for a long time,… Food IS fun.  Whoa!  These kid-Angie thoughts are freakin’ whacked!… But I can see why kid-Angie thinks that.  When we are kids we make associations and develop thinking that doesn’t work for us when we are adults.  It’s just that I’m not a kid anymore.  Now… I am grown up-Angie and those thoughts actually end up creating the opposite of fun in my life.

The Grown up-Angie:  A thought re-write.  Food is food.  Food is just food.  I need it to power my body.  In fact, I love what it does for my body.  Yay!!  I am an adult.  I am allowed to enjoy food  AND I get to take responsibility for my fun.  I create it!  Actually, being an adult is totally awesome!  Places are not fun, things are not fun, people are not fun, FOOD is not fun… I AM FUN. 

A note to food:  Dear food,  Sorry about the mix up.  That cute little kid-Angie thought YOU were the fun.  Kids think the damnedest things.  So I have clarified;  you are what you are, and I take care of the fun part.  Sorry for making you responsible for the fun.  I know you can’t do that, but thanks for all you do – do like nourishing my body.  Wow, you’re awesome… I’m fun.

ps… I still love you.

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3 Responses to Thought-Theme January: I Love Food

  1. Diane Boyd says:

    so so true!! Nicely done

  2. Angie Merced says:

    Thanks Diane… pure love

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