Thought-Theme for January: I love food


These words are in my thoughts about food often.  Here’s an example of a thought download from over the summer:  No ice cream.  I’m not buying ice cream.  We can’t get a banana split. Don’t even think about ordering ice cream.  I shouldn’t have ice cream.  … Omg… Here’s how my mind interpreted these thoughts: …Ice cream. Buy ice cream. Get a banana split.  Order ice cream. Have ice cream.  Ice cream, Ice cream, Eat it all… So I set myself up for a complete, f**ked up, massive ice cream obsession.  Geeeeeez!  You know the rest of the story right?…  Let me just give you the short version here… I ate a sh#t load of f**kin ice cream! 

Thinking thoughts with these words caused me to be way overly focused on the ice cream, I felt overwhelmed and then it drove me to eat even more ice cream than I would normally eat.  Even if I accept that, it wasn’t what the calm, happy, connected, conscious soul of Angie really wanted.  It was never about the ice cream.

As a life coach here’s what I notice; when our minds are on automatic mode… which is most of the time… Our minds do NOT hear or understand negative words like no and not -including all the contractions don’t, can’t, won’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t wouldn’t… 

Okay Let’s test this… Don’t think about the socks you are wearing, you shouldn’t think about how they feel, you can’t think about what color they are… LOL… you fricken thought about socks -didn’t you, admit it! See what I mean?

Ice Cream: a thought rewrite:  Actually I CAN have ice cream whenever I want.  There is nothing that says I can’t.  Turns out I want it less often than I thought.  I want to pay attention to my body and my food.  I can take time to consciously enjoy food.  I choose what I really want.  I decided, I truly want to feel good in my body.  My body is actually brilliant.  It tells me everything I need to know as long as I listen.  I want to fuel my body with healthy food. I want to have lots of energy to live a fun, happy life.  I know how to do thatThere is no reason I shouldn’t have awesomeness.  I’m worth it! 

A note to food (ice cream):  Dear food,  No offense.  I tried to ban you, but that was silly.  It was nothing you did.  It was all me.  You are what you are and you are perfectly delicious.  I thought you were keeping me from reaching my goals but it wasn’t you at all- it was all me.  I know that I am responsible for understanding and creating the life I truly want. That is a good thing. 

ps I love you

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2 Responses to Thought-Theme for January: I love food

  1. brianna says:

    I love this! from now on whenever i grocery shop or go out to eat, im going to tell myself i CAN eat what i want, i just have to be smart enough to make the right choices!

  2. Angie Merced says:

    Thanks Brianna!!! omg…realizing we really can have whatever we want is awesome. This is really powerful too- asking yourself… what do you really want and why do you want it.

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