Thought Theme for February: Body Connection

Fancy Gauges

So I had to learn  eh… re-learn that my body is actually a perfect gauge.  It doesn’t sport the pretty, light up visual gauges like my car.  It’s totally smarter, but I do the feeling, listening and gauging myself.  Actually, my body effortlessly does the work and I just need to sync with it.

So the body’s got tons of cool gauges but the one I’m really focused on here is the gauge for my tummy; hunger and fullness.  I realized, my body feels so good at a balance somewhere half-way between empty and full.  Unlike a car–our ‘fuel tank’ is not made of metal-Good thing–it can shrink or expand with along with our body.

Here’s the re-learning part; to want to honor my body,  I synchronize with it.  Stay in harmony with it.  Be kind and listen to it.  Notice where the gauge is and keep levels in a comfortable place.  STOP, ASK, (hey body, what would you really like?) LISTEN for the answers.

My body’s voice just tells the truth, the facts, it’s never mean, crazy, critical or judgemental. like this: very hungry, hungry, full, too full, just right-stop eating.   If I get any answers that feel shitty or are just silly – like these:  I am bad, I need to be good, Those pants are way too tight for me, I shouldn’t have ‘bad’ food-ever,  I should always eat ‘good’ food.  I have no control,  I should eat the whole thing,  I should eat because it’s dinner time, I should eat this because I’ve worked out hard this week, I should eat it rather than waste it, I should eat it because it’s in front of me, eating this will make me feel better (emotionally)… I know- THAT is not my body, it is my thoughts and those particular types do not serve me. Period!

Body Connection- a thought re-write:  My body is actually brilliant.  I respect it.  I know that if I stay connected with it I can’t go wrong.  It feels so good to be at the right level on the gauge.  My body is so wise. 

So what I realized was… I don’t really have to keep track of calories or points or weigh my food.  Don’t get me wrong, those are all great strategies that people use.  …and if something works – fricken do it!  What I’m saying is that if I only go by calories eaten in a day… there’s a chance I could have 500 left in my “calorie budget”- feel full, override the gauge, eat, feel crappy, lethargic, (you know the rest). Or… It could go the other way.  I could have expended my “calorie budget,” feel hungry and not eat, causing me to feel tired, lethargic, no energy…(not the results I want either).  In both examples… I disconnect and override my body… when actually my body knows exactly what it needs… it tells me.  It is so kind.

A note to my body:  Dear Body, What would you like sweet thing?  I’m listening.  I know I don’t always listen to you closely enough, but thanks for telling me in louder, clearer ways to get the message through.  Thanks for all that amazing stuff you do everyday… Wow! I’m in awe of you… I respect you… deep bow.

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  1. Peggy says:

    Thank you for reminding me of the wonder of my body and my connection to it. Listening skills are so important and I want to hone in on listening to my body. Thanks for being a great teacher!

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