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Indulge in Decadence

So I had to look this word up- Decadence- actually means self- indulgence… so Yes!  Indulge in self-indulgence.

I used to think-  if I was hard on myself,  hated and punished my body enough… THEN I would reach my goals, THEN I would have the exact body I wanted, THEN I could be happy.  eeehhh…really?   Questioning these types of thoughts is key.  I really had to ask myself this important question– How can hating make you happy?  Seriously.  I realized, there’s no f***in’  way I could beat myself enough into happiness…  and besides, honestly.   Does it even make sense?  No!  It took a lot of curiousity, willingness, bravery, love, coaching, more coaching, self-coaching  to get to that answer….   But the answer is definitely… Hell no!

It’s Valentines’ Day …I mean.  I am induldging in some awesome, body love thoughts…I’m going to devour them, savor them, play with them, spend some quality time with them.  It’s gonna be HOT!   INDULGE!!

A Valentine to my body: (I know, it’s so cheesy…-zip it!  You know you love cheese!)

Dear Body, 

You really are MY body.  Thank you for being mine and letting me be here with you.  You are the only one like you in the world and that’s so cool.  You do so many amazing things everyday.  I mean… how about breathing?  It feels like freedom!!  Thanks for letting me do that day in and day out.  Wow!  It’s inspiring how you are always renewing all the time.  All those cells and shit doin’ their thing- mind blowing.  There is always enough, there is plenty, and you do it all so effortlessly.  YOU are truly a temple of pure positive energy!  I trust you to do exactly what you need to do.  I love how you are so sentsitive and you talk to me in such kind, gentle ways.  Yes, you are louder when you need to be, you just care about me- I know.  Thanks for all the love.  I love you too… how do I do that?  By thinking lovely thoughts about you, appreciating and trusting you no matter what.

I’m so grateful that you are mine.  Know that you are so loved today and always.

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  1. Peggy says:

    So true…my body does communicate with me. I IS me! The greatest love of all!!

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