High Performance Thinking

If food is fuel, then my body is this!

It all starts with a concept... a thought

Well, at least I want the body-equivalent of this.  I think myself into the body I want.  It all starts here in the thought-lab…

~My body is high performance

~It actually loves super fuel

~It’s super, high-grade, direct fuel injected

~Turbo charged

~Fun, sexy

~Responsive, intuitive

~Active stabililty controlled

~I pay close attention to the gauges because I love it

~I’m in it all the time and its fun to drive (live).

~Body, You are my access to life… I appreciate you!

~Let’s go and kick some ass

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1 Response to High Performance Thinking

  1. Peggy says:

    I love the thought of my body as a high performance machine! Need to get some super fuel (food) today. Let’s see…avacado, yams, walnuts, salmon…YUMMMM!

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