Do you speak Body?

Are you fluent in body (language)

5 body messages + the translation… Here’s some of mine

1.  Tummy growls just a whisper- a little hungry

2.  Tummy is perfectly set in my body.  body wants to move and groove – full, not hungry, comfortable

3.  Tummy churns loud, ab muscles feel a little weak- really hungry

4.  Tummy growls, weakness in muscles, dry mouth- thirsty

5.  Tummy stretched, distorted, irritated, strange noises, want to lay down, burp, fart- too full

**Notice- Bodies don’t judge! … just give straight feedback, clean information.

5 things my mind used to say about my body (that were critical and did not serve me)

1. oh my gah… my muffin top is showing- it looks terrible. 

2. You ate too much again- you are so stupid. no eating tomorrow!

3. My pants are tight and I should wear them because that is my punishment for gaining weight.

4.  If my body isn’t perfect people won’t think I’m cute, people won’t like me- ouch …geez

5. You should be doing better,  You know better,  shame on you

**Gasp… I had to notice how seriously nasty-crazy-critical my mind could be.  I realized how these types of thoughts did not serve me.  For instance…When I thought… I have a muffin top and it looks terrible… Thinking that thought caused me to feel terrible and ashamed, in turn, it was painful and I ended up eating 3 bowls of lucky charms and watching back to back episodes of the Real World.  These actions gave me … more muffin top.  See how thinking that terrible thought actually gave me terrible results. 

Critical, nasty thoughts about your body = more f**ked up reasons to be critical and more nasty results. Garaunteed.

Wow mind-blowing!   Trust your body!  It just loves you… xoxoxo

Dear Body, Thanks for the info… and never judging me! Love ya

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  1. Peggy says:

    Thank you for reminding me to listen and TRUST my body! Focus … focus… focus…

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