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How to deal with an unwanted guest

This happens every time! I set my mind to something, set a goal, start on a mission… Who shows up without fail?…. Resistance! When I decided to do a video blog… At first, I felt super pumped, ideas flowin!! THEN… Resistance busted in uninvited (Sneaky B…..!) … Continue reading

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Make Mistakes with Confidence

Here’s something being a ZUMBA  fitness instructor taught me about my life… Make mistakes with confidence! Mess up, acknowledge it, move on… laugh about it If I wait ’til I have it perfect- I will never have ‘it’ feel free to f*ck up… often Seriously, … Continue reading

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I’m so hurt!

That really hurt my feelings!

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Those negative people

What I learned about negative people Good news! There ARE none! YAY! nuff said. I used to sit and strategize…  If I eliminated all the negative people in my life…  Then I could be positive and THEN I could be happy, gorgeous, successful and uber awesome.  How do I plan … Continue reading

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