Those negative people

What I learned about negative people

Good news! There ARE none! YAY! nuff said.

I used to sit and strategize…  If I eliminated all the negative people in my life…  Then I could be positive and THEN I could be happy, gorgeous, successful and uber awesome.  How do I plan my escape from these people and leave them behind?  Mwaha hahahaha… (sinister laugh).

Oh!  Problem with this thinking?  I’m screwed! It actually makes ME the negative one.  Let me explain.  Turns out (damn it)…  I cannot rid the world of  so-called negative people.  More importantly, I had to realize there ARE no negative people.  Yup!  People are just people.  They are who they are.  It’s MY own negative thought about them that makes it negative.  MY thought, MY negativity, MY shit!  (not them).

When I think…  Gawd…  She’s so negative or Those people at ——are so annoying.  It makes me feel annoyed.  When I feel annoyed – I act annoying, complain to other people who also like to complain…  Therefore, attracting more complaining people who are also annoying.  You see where this is going?…  I realize – Geeee! (head scratch) I’ve got these negative people around me.  I had to look in the mirror and say…  I put them there, I called them negative and I created it all!  (sorry people-my bad)…  And that is good news!

Here’s what I choose to think about people now:

Everybody’s got their own f*#kin’ jump off — and that’s awesome

People are actually perfect in their own way

People should do what they do

Peeps should think what they think

People are who they are and it’s totally cool

Other people don’t have to think what I think.

I am who I am, I choose to think awesome thoughts and get awesome results!


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2 Responses to Those negative people

  1. Dianne J. says:

    This was exactly what I needed! I keep complaining about the negative people around me and you’re right, the more I complain the worse it gets. In the future I will choose to be more positive and stop complaining………….I am making this a promise to myself. My renewed motto……”Like my daddy always says, “If you don’t have anythin’ nice to say, don’t say nuthin’ at all!” ~Thumper

  2. Peggy says:

    Realizing its the thought and not the person is very empowering. I AM in control of my own thoughts. Need to focus on that…really focus.

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