Make Mistakes with Confidence

Here’s something being a ZUMBA  fitness instructor taught me about my life…

Make mistakes with confidence!

Mess up, acknowledge it, move on… laugh about it

If I wait ’til I have it perfect- I will never have ‘it’

feel free to f*ck up… often

Seriously, my mistakes are the last thing other people are thinking about

I notice…people still ‘like’ me even though I make mistakes in every class…

More importantly, what other people think is none of my business and I love me even more!

The more mistakes I make, the more I learn , the better I get!

Go me! Go ahead, F$ck it up Royally!

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2 Responses to Make Mistakes with Confidence

  1. amy says:

    Love this attitude! So very true, I know I make mistakes and love the learning opportunities!!! Its how we grow!

  2. pamela lentine says:

    You go girl, I f____ all the time and I only get better…
    I am coming back and you will see me soon….
    vacation done, jobs are done, and know it is time for me… so see you really soon.
    cause I miss ZUMBA and you guys

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