How to deal with an unwanted guest

ResistanceThis happens every time!

I set my mind to something, set a goal, start on a mission… Who shows up without fail?….


When I decided to do a video blog… At first, I felt super pumped, ideas flowin!!

THEN… Resistance busted in uninvited (Sneaky B…..!)

Resistance said:  You can’t make a video! You’re not a techie, You’re not smart enough, You’re not pretty enough, and you got nothin to say, so forget it…and besides you don’t have the time to figure all this out, who do you think you are?!… My gawd… There’s more, but I’ll spare you.

Ouch… Geez Resistance! You’re an a**

I had to realize… This is shit my mind is creating… But it is not ME, not what I want.   When I believe Resistance, I feel really crappy.  To avoid feeling crappy, I do a lot of crappy stuff… like eat, waste time, facebook, stalk friends pictures on fb, watch make up tutorials on youtube… I know, pathetic- zip it!! (avoidance behaviors… that is a whole other blog, pa…lease!)

You see here all those actions have nothing to do with MY interests.  In fact those Resistant, crappy, pathetic thoughts give me crappy, pathetic results. 

Actually – It’s cool to know this!  (I got my eye on you Resistance)

So now… I say, Hey!  What up Resistance?, I was expecting you

I look Resistance straight in the eye

I shake hands with Resistance and nod

Then I take it down… frickin ninja style! 

Fist bump to myself (total ninja geek-fest)

What does Resistance say to you?

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  1. Peggy says:

    So great to have given Resistance a face! Now when I am thinking resistant thoughts the wart hog image will pop into my mind…making me more aware. Thanks Angie!

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