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How to do something you want to get done, but don’t want to do

Interval Tasking…A Life Coachie Tip (as far as I know, I made that up, trademark- Angie Merced) 🙂 lol Steps for getting it done 1) Use a timer. Set it for 15-20 minutes or whatever time you feel is appropriate … Continue reading

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A Recovering Foodie

The truths about a recovering foodie who loves food but hates fat… I ate boredom, I ate anxiety, I ate sadness, I ate procrastination, I ate confusion, I ate not-good-enoughness, I ate frustration… I even ate relaxation, I ate happiness, I … Continue reading

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Red Lobster- How to order anything you want.

Since the fam was in town.  We all went out  for dinner after Zumba® class.  Panic came over me.  (oh no, I might have to eat junk food.) Just finishing a 21 day “reset/cleanse” (we’ll get into that on another … Continue reading

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Yippee!! Positive Thinking

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Unwanted Guest Continued….5 Steps to Effective Resistance Training- For Your Life

Resistance training, in the fitness world, is any form of exercise where your muscles work against resistance… to become stronger.  Guess what?  Your mind is like that too.  You can train it to get results you want.  Isn’t that awesome?   … Continue reading

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