Unwanted Guest Continued….5 Steps to Effective Resistance Training- For Your Life

Resistance training, in the fitness world, is any form of exercise where your muscles work against resistance… to become stronger.  Guess what?  Your mind is like that too.  You can train it to get results you want.  Isn’t that awesome?


5 Steps to Effective Resistance Training For Your Life

1.  Think about a goal; something you want to achieve.

2. Notice any resistant thinking that comes up. Let me give you just a few examples of my own resistant-thought-beauties; Oh, that’s going to be way too hard,  You can’t get that done, there’s not enough time, You don’t deserve it, You are asking for too much, You’ll never afford it, You’re not smart enough, not pretty enough, not good enough, you suck!…  

3. Clearly isolate one resistant thought. 

4.  Ask yourself… What do I feel like doing when I think this thought? … Answer it.  See if it will help you reach your goal from step 1? (ehhh…It won’t) 

5.  Shake hands with the resistant thought, get to know it so you will recognize it the next time it shows up.  Then DECIDE if you want to keep thinking the thought. (You might not want to because it doesn’t give you the results you want, but it’s up to you)



“Hey, What’s up Resistance?”

Repeat as needed (ehhh…You will definitely need to repeat often), get stronger, get what you really want.  BOOOYAH!

If you have a bunch of resistance, maybe even resistance to resistance, and there is a shit ton of heavy lifting to do, no worries, they are just thoughts. You are certainly not alone in your resistance.   It might be time for a coach.  A life coach like me.  I’ll help with the heavy lifting.

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