Red Lobster- How to order anything you want.

Since the fam was in town.  We all went out  for dinner after Zumba® class.  Panic came over me.  (oh no, I might have to eat junk food.) Just finishing a 21 day “reset/cleanse” (we’ll get into that on another blog post)  I’m increasingly more conscious about what I am eating.  I threw out 2 choices; Restaurants I know I can get a fresh salad.  My sister says, “Angie only eats at like 2 restaurants“… Then my sweet mom generously hands me a gift card to Red Lobster. Everyone cheered… Yeah! Cheddar Bay Biscuits! Lets go! I took a deep breath… I let go.   I smiled as we pulled in, as if conceding to “junk food.”

I don’t have anything against Red Lobster, I actually love their food.  Every time I go there, I get the Deep Fried, Jumbo, Coconut Shrimp with extra Sweet and Greasy, Pinacolada, Dipping Sauce.  We sat, I ordered what always I order… The coconut shrimp- of course.  Everything was delicious and we had a great time. 

Later that night I noticed how the sweet, greasiness sat in my body.  It felt bulky, heavy, my mouth was dry and I just wanted to get in my stretchy pants, my poor hubby had to light a scented candle (yikes!).  I said, I wish we wouldn’t have gone there.  (as if… It’s the restaurant’s fault that I didn’t consider my body)

This part is Hilarious!  I honestly never considered this at Red Lobster. 

I thought… I could have ordered something different rather than just ordering the same thing I always order.  I could have ordered steamed broccoli and salmon or something like that.  I like that.   I know it feels happy and healthy in my body.  (That’s what my Mom got… she’s a smartie!) 

Seriously a revelation!  It totally, never dawned on me to…ORDER SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

Wait.  Holy crap!

This is huge! 

Because…I think we do this in our lives. 

We settle into things just being a certain way.  We don’t even realize other options, even when a whole menu of choices is placed under our nose.   

If you are getting the same results in your life, then you are ordering the same thing.   Perhaps it’s time to… give the menu a second look or even order something that’s not on the menu. 

Think about it…  How to have what you really want?  Order it.

Order something different for your life this week.  I’m ordering health, hotness and fun.

So, what are you having?

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2 Responses to Red Lobster- How to order anything you want.

  1. Sue Banker says:

    What a timely blog Angie! I have been thinking about how I do so many things because it’s what I always do. I know I need to change things up or “order something different” Wow… how did you know what I was thinking 🙂

  2. Peggy says:

    I just think you are the funniest, smartest writer! This take on our experience is spot on! Oh, and thanks… smartie!!!

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