A Recovering Foodie

The truths about a recovering foodie who loves food but hates fat…

I ate boredom, I ate anxiety, I ate sadness, I ate procrastination, I ate confusion, I ate not-good-enoughness, I ate frustration…

I even ate relaxation, I ate happiness, I ate fun…

Surprisingly, It wasn’t an issue of what I was eating. Please, you know how many times I’ve emotionally over-ate on health food?  Haha… like eating 8 apples in one day, a bag of organic coconut treats, a half box of skinny cow bars… there’s more but you get the idea.  

I had to really look at why I was eating. 

Once the why of my eating was discovered (insert ongoing thought-work coaching here)…then and only then, did the what become more important to my body.

Trying to change my diet before knowing why I was eating never gave me lasting results.  I would go back to eating my feelings again, falling off track, frustrated about not completely reaching my health/fitness goals.

Now, My ever-evolving goal is to eat well.  Fuel my body in order to show up fully, kick life’s ass and be… well, just be me.  

Getting to the why… the true and complete detox, cleanse, reset- for life!


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