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ehhh… soooo, yeah… I got nuthin’

ehhh… yeah… I got nuthin’ My mind gets stubborn.  It wants to indulge in crappiness.  I know.  Please, I am a life coach. I know how to boss my thinking- I don’t WANT to think shitty thoughts, but my mind is sneaky and … Continue reading

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Yes, You have wings, You do it all, You can fly.  You are fabulous… but… If you lose your wings…   It doesn’t mean you are weak.  I doesn’t mean people won’t like you.  It doesn’t mean you have to be anything … Continue reading

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Dear Chocolate,

This is HUGE!! (for a recovering foodie) It was in my house for 18  days and I just finished it yesterday.  It took me over two weeks to eat this chocolate.  There are 5 individually wrapped bars in the box.  … Continue reading

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Sadness feels amazing when you know it is a choice

Stuff happens… No person is immune to it When my Doctor told me that it would be a while before I got back to Zumba.  I was bombarded.  My mind exploded with thoughts.  They came hard and they came fast. I let … Continue reading

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