Sadness feels amazing when you know it is a choice

Stuff happens…

No person is immune to it

When my Doctor told me that it would be a while before I got back to Zumba.  I was bombarded.  My mind exploded with thoughts.  They came hard and they came fast.

I let them come freely and I watched them.

I wrote the thoughts down…they kept coming

So I wrote more.

Later on… I did the most loving thing a person can do for themselves and the world. 

I took the time to understand how my thinking was making me feel …sad, disappointed, crushed, heart-broken.

sweet, free-flowing tears

I consciously chose to think sad thoughts.  I let myself feel pain and it hurt. 

I had to laugh when… my mind tried to get out of it…

asking for Doritos.  Surely, The big bag of Doritos will stop this pain.  Ha Ha- nice try! I am getting to be quite the mind-ninja, especially when it comes to emotional eating.

I also tried picking a fight with the hubs, blaming other people and myself,… cuz anger feels better than sadness.  But I knew, (Mind-ninja skills, again) my mind was creating more pain to avoid deeper pain…wah-hah!

So…I let sadness and broken heartedness hang out with me until I decided… we are done here.   It took a couple days.  I felt, it hurt, but didn’t kill me.

I chose sadness for a bit and it was actually beautiful.

I’m choosing not to continue to indulge in sadness because it doesn’t drive me to take action that gets me what I want.  Hey, I want what I want!

What I really love is love… Love is healing.  I’m choosing happy healthy healing

Let the Kick-Ass-Healing-Fest begin

It starts with at least a week of actually sitting on my ass… not too shabby.

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3 Responses to Sadness feels amazing when you know it is a choice

  1. pamela lentine says:

    It is very raw, and real, but this too shall pass, sometimes I think it is hard to go through the pain, disappointment, or just when things go arrye…But you are correct Its is better to feel the saddness, and then get on to the business of Kick=ass-Healing Fest…

  2. susan says:

    I like what you wrote , its kind of helping me make some different choices in my life so I guess I should feel the sadness , instead hide from it all !! I hate change !! But your right its a choice so I better step up to the plate and own up to it !! I love what you write !!

  3. Peggy says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience…puts things in perspective. The best teacher, you let us in on your personal issues to help us all learn. Love you for that … and for so much more!

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