ehhh… soooo, yeah… I got nuthin’

ehhh… yeah… I got nuthin’

My mind gets stubborn.  It wants to indulge in crappiness.  I know.  Please, I am a life coach. I know how to boss my thinking- I don’t WANT to think shitty thoughts, but my mind is sneaky and it almost likes it.  ewww- how creepy!  I share my nasty woes with other people and some people really like it and they add to it and it gets bigger… agreeing with the stink.  peeeee–yuuuu…  the shit is gettin’ deep


I gently and lovingly nudge myself (okay, more like- kick myself in the frickin ass, roll up my sleeves, put on my high boots and…), to go to my laptop and be there.  Of course, I don’t feel like writing,… but I show up anyway.  Why? Because, this is just what I do and THAT is reason enough… and because I knew it would be enough, I made it mean this…

I am enough

showing up- just as I am. 

It’s enough

It’s actually more than enough

It’s plenty

Actually, there is certainly no shortage of shit to write about

It’s exciting to know that my learning never ever stops

I’m not afraid of hard work

I actually love it

Growth and abundance are inevitable

I’ve got the proof

I AM the proof

I know how to tell my mind what the f#*k to do- so that I get what I want!

..and I have it, feels amazing

Guaranteed!  You can always get something from nothing… all you have to do is show up

whew- that’s a relief

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4 Responses to ehhh… soooo, yeah… I got nuthin’

  1. Sue Banker says:

    Nice Angie. Sometimes the hard part is just showing up.

  2. Betsy Currier says:

    Well, I like the comment that has HARD WORK in it…..just sayin………….

  3. Angie Merced says:

    🙂 I thought you would like that…its true…thanks for the awesome thought

  4. Peggy says:

    Angie, thanks for reminding me that I am enough … just as I am. That is such a comforting thought!

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