How to Have a Great (Wedding) Day…

A bride and her crazy thoughts

I’m sharing only a few of the bitch-ass thoughts that tried to stress me out the weeks before the big day. 

If the colors don’t match it means we will all look really stupid (fffpphhtt!)

I should curl my hair because it’s normally straight and straight is so boring which would mean that I am boring... (What the what?)

If people sit in just the right place- it means they will have a good time (ehhh, I don’t control whether peeps have a good time- that’s up to them)

If people have a good time, then it means I am a winner (HA!, that’s just crazy talk)

AND…Why is having a spotless house even more important on the week you’re get married?  Well, only if you indulge in clean-freak-crazy thoughts like these… omg until I caught myself, these crazies were totally stressing me out. 

When you get married, your tub should be shinin’

If your house is mopped, you will feel good and relaxed saying your vows

If there are no dishes on the counter it means you’re awesome

If all your laundry is put away, then you can really kick back and have a good time

If you have clean sheets it means you will have a good marriage

If your furniture is dusted people will really know you are a good person

If there is no dog hair on your baseboards it means you are superbride and everyone will love and want to be like you…

hahahahaha… Okay it’s getting out of hand – you get the idea, but that’s what our minds do without our permission.  Craziness right?…  Where’s the love?  Fun?  Joy?  Bitch-ass, stealthy thoughts keeping me from lovey-doveyness.  Yep, I said lovey-doveyness…  Shutty.

Here’s the thing; as brides our wedding is special to us and we want it to be perfect.  What does perfect really mean?  Making everything perfect creates misery and stress – the exact opposite of what we are shooting for… (sweetness).   We actually think that hair, invitations, dresses, flowers, rings, cake, shoes, a clean house, sit down dinners, people and bla-bla-bla = perfect.  The only thing we really want, ever, is to feel a certain way.  Ehhh, don’t we want to feel amazing on our wedding day (or any day)?     

I had to tell my mind how this was all going down (Boss style).  I made perfect mean this; I choose to love the shit out of my Angel.  I thought it – on purpose.  It felt amazing…  Perfection!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Oh and you HAVE to check out our amazing photographer… capturing perfection everywhere she goes!  SoniaMaria Photography

Here’s more of our pics if you want to sneak a peek

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  1. Sue S. says:

    Angie – thanks for sharing your beautiful wedding pictures.You truly found a wonderful & talented photographer. I hear from Angel you are healing well…..can’t wait to see you back at Zumba – of course – modified – low inpact only for you, Missy!!! 🙂 See you soon! Sue S.

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