Bet you can’t eat just one or six

For years I went to the grocery story completely avoiding…the chip aisle.  I thought:  I can’t have those in the house… I love them so much. I’ll scarf down the whole bag.  I won’t be able to control myself.  Those Doritos will be calling me non-stop…As if Doritos had some sort of evil controlling grip on me.

Shoveling by the handful, until my tongue and cheeks burned, reaching the bottom, emptying the crumbs, the bag serving as a trough to unload the ultra coated pieces that have tried to escape down my gullet into my body… or sometimes I would leave 7 chips in the bottom and say to myself, What? I didn’t eat the whole bag! 

Let me just drop a cold hard fact here…Turns out, I didn’t actually love them.  I desperately desired to check out.  Totally zone out of my life, my stress, my schedule, my job… my own bullshit!  OOOOHHH!  More crappy, painful thinking to clean up… for another post.  Eat when your stressed?  Sign up for the Thought Cleanse Workshop, next offering July 21, 2012 9-11 am, Rochester, NY

Truth is, when you love something, you want to savor every delectable moment.

Doritos Experiment: Take something I love to eat and purposefully enjoy the hell out of every single morsel…stop eating the instant I stop loving.  Here’s the account of my experiment

Visual Inspection:  brownish-yellow, triangle-shaped chips with little… burn or grill marks like they are toasted or something?  Also bright, almost fluorescent orange powder coating

The Sniff Test:  I busted the bag open, honestly the oder of …feet. Yes stinky feet… hit me.   meh.  This is interesting… even though Doritos smelled like stinky feet to me, I still wanted to eat them because I thought… I know they smell like feet but I love these.  WTF!?

Chip #1:  The first taste I noticed; salt, then cheesy, crunchy yet a little footy.  I savored the crunch and gently broke it up to savor the powder cheese and corny taste. 

Chip #2:  Again the first thing I notice is the saltiness almost burny on my tongue.  I also tasted the creamy cheesiness.  I crunched it gently and let it get soggy to enjoy the corn flavor… still footy.

Chip #3:  SALT! bitey on my tongue.  I can taste less of the cheesiness and I crunched this one and chewed it faster.  Less footy, less cheesy, less corny.

Chip #4:  Saltiness burns my tongue.  I don’t notice the cheesiness or texture of it as much.  It’s like my tongue is almost numb.  Okay… I realized here.  I’m not enjoying these right now… still I have the thought… but I love these, it’s a treat, I’m relaxing, I WANT them.  Can you see here that even though I am aware that I’m not enjoying them… I still want to keep going because of these old thoughts I have about them… fascinating.

Chip #5:  This one scraped the corner of my lip because I shoved the whole chip in my mouth… ouch! but dammit I love these.  The saltiness, it burns, there is a numbness and I notice a slight film at the back of my mouth.  eewweewww. still I don’t stop

Chip #6:  I can’t really taste it.  My mouth is numb and the chips are sharp.  There is a slime forming at the back of my throat.   eehhhh… I’m not enjoying these.  I stopped.  I asked why would I ever want to keep eating something I’m not enjoying? Why would I want my body to feel uncomfortable?  The only answer, I was ignoring me and my body

The Shocking Revelation:  I don’t really like Doritos

The first two chips were… okay, not bad… I didn’t really like them.  Why would I want to eat a food especially that has no nutritional value for my body that is … okay, not bad?  Here’s the thing, the Doritos didn’t have a grip on me, it was my mind that tormented me and my body.  My mind… I love them so much, I can’t stop.  Actually was complete Bullshit!  Tasting every bite of food… what a fascinating concept

Pay attention! You deserve to love what you love!

I also tried this with Baklava from Aladdins on Monroe…  It was delicious and amazing! Maybe I’ll post that one too.  

Savor and intimately enjoy the hell out of it STOP the second you don’t.

I challenge you to try this with a food you really love and post it here in the comments.   If you like it… share it… spread love

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  1. Peggy says:

    My “addiction” is BBQ potato chips and thank you for sharing your experience…I too have cut my lip on a chip but have continued to consume the whole bag because it was mine to do so. Not paying attention to my body was what was happening. You have enlightened me once again! Thanks Angie!

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