Psssssst… Your body doesn’t know what a calorie is

Count calories, keep track of your points, measure and weigh your food,  exercise your butt off, use the non-fat cool whip, eat from smaller plates, use a baby spoon to take smaller bites. what the…? (seriously, I tried that, saw it on Oprah years ago). All for being thinner, more confident, being… happier

Really? Trick yourself into eating less, moving more=confidence and happiness??

We’re just too smart for our own tricks. It works for a little while but it doesn’t last.  I bought into this stuff for years.  At times I would keep a detailed food journal, calculate each calorie. I came up with the amount of calories I should eat from some random (it’s scientific) formula I got off the internet.

Don’t get me wrong.  If you are doing this and you love it and it works for you …then friggin do it!… that’s awesome 🙂

For me,  all these techniques and tips took me away from my body.  I was so hyper-focused on calories, grams of protein, measuring and exercising, that I forgot to really ask my body how it felt.  Enthralled with food, labels, plates, scales, measuring cups, those numbers on the treadmill… I disconnected from my body.

Seriously… your body has no idea what a 1/4 cup serving size is. Bodies possess super smart, miraculous abilities.

Bodies communicate through sensations. They are physical sensations like different degrees of hunger, fullness, cold, hot, pain, weakness. Bodily sensations come from your body and travel to your brain.  Beware, don’t confuse physical sensations with emotions. Emotions come from your mind, and then travel to your body.  There is a big difference.  Physical sensations come from your brilliant body.   Thing is I used all these other thinness “tricks” that actually took the focus off of my bodily sensations.  I lost touch with my body and in the meantime, my mind created a struggle.

… need help? I have lots of tools to help strengthen your connection with brilliance – your body.  Sort out your emotions.  Love yourself.  Get relief from the struggle.  I know how to do that… because I’ve done it.  Contact me this week for special rates on weight loss and body connection coaching.

Here’s what I learned…. your body is brilliant, even if it is hormonal,, sick or tired… it is brilliant.  Re-learning  to feel and understand sensations in your body is amazing.  Your body has no clue what a calorie is. It knows when its full and it knows when its hungry and needs fuel.  When you can connect with your body this way, you don’t need to count calories because your body knows when you’ve had enough or need more fuel.  Your body knows what foods physically feel good.  Once I learned to trust it, the struggle was gone, the restricting and splurging was over, getting off track and back on track was irrelevant, punishing myself and my body was over.

I am free… and it feels good to be in this body.

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  1. Betsy Currier says:

    Thank you for teaching all of us to listen to our bodies, our body is our temple and I think no I don’t think I know sometimes I don’t treat my like a temple.

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