Like a Boss

You are the boss and food is your trusted employee.  Interview your food and choose the best employees for the job.

Interview questions for food

  • How will you feel in my body? Definitely make sure you can stomach them being around.  I was disappointed in ice cream when I realized it was throwing wild, nasty parties and being lazy when I wasn’t paying attention… I had to let ice cream go.  Sorry, ice cream. It just didn’t work out.
  • Do you have lots of magical nutrients? Right now, I’m loving veggies and hummus, brown rice and beans, fresh peas, cherries, protien shakes, grilled chicken with salad, salmon, brocolli, cherry tomatoes, veggie burger on a 100 calorie bun,  cucumber salad, apple with peanutbutter.  What magical nutrient foods to you love?- list some in the comments  
  • How do you taste? These days I’m loving me some nachos!! Great nutrients?  No, not at all, but it’s fun having them around sometimes.  The key is I only really enjoy nachos to be around for 5 or 6 bites… okay sometimes 8 or 9… depending on how much my other employees got done that day.  Bottom line, I know when enough is enough.  It’s all about quality, not quantity.
  • Are you too salty, too sugary? I make sure to consciously evaluate their performance and pay attention to the quality of work they do.  As soon as I realize they are not performing to my liking I let them go.  This is my body and its serious business.  I only hire the best of the best.  No employee of mine is going to give me puffy eyes and lethargy. C’mon, please.
  • Will I enjoy the flavors? Will you taste amazing? In order to work for me, I have to like you.
  • Will you be able to provide high-grade fuel so I can live my kick ass life? …Because I am paying attention and I will be checking in.  Boss woman! She’s a watchin’!

I love this! I am the boss and I always have been… it’s just now, I make sure I get what I really want.   Feeling good in my body

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