Do diets really work?

I used to tell people, I don’t diet, because diets don’t work.  It’s more about your lifestyle.

What does that even mean?…

Some bullshit.  Truth is, I was on a diet for at least 20 years, that was my ifestyle… and it totally worked (Thinness).  No, it wasn’t the cabbage soup diet, the grapefruit and hot sauce diet, or the sausage and cheese diet.

How did my diet… no… “lifestyle” work?

A series of off-track and on-track (Eat too many cupcakes.  Then work my ass off at the gym)

A cycle of overeating and restricting  (Non-stop picking and snacking at a party, then eating “good” until I can’t stand it and do it all over again the next weekend)

Not exercising and over exercising (Watching back to back episodes of cake boss, to several hours in the gym)

Balancing my overeating slumps with hardcore exercise and restricting periods. (Order and overeat pizza four Fridays in a row, then no pizza for 3 months, telling myself I HAVE to do a round of p90x.  …I still ♥ P90X)

A rollercoaster of up-hill and down-hill. (Eating a big bowl of popcorn at night because I’m tired, but don’t want to go to sleep.  To the other extreme, going to bed super hungry)

Out of control, then “needing” to control (punish) myself, and ultimately the rebellion… REPEAT.  (tight pants, fitting pants, tight pants… ) You get the idea.

yet still, I was thin.

Thin, but not free

I needed to control myself around food.  Yep, I really thought my behavior was all food’s fault…(totally bogus thinking).  Accepting myself at times only because I was “good” and rejecting myself because I was “bad.”   I talked to myself in nasty ways;  You better eat good today, Don’t be so lazy, You should be better, faster, stronger, You can’t have that, who do you think you are?… you’re a failure.  Ouch, jeez!  I stewed, punching myself in the stomach with my thinking.  It didn’t matter that my stomach was thin, it still hurt.  No matter what size you are, the cycle of controlling and rebelling feels crappy.

Do diets work? They might, if the only goal is being thin.  It just takes so much control to keep the rollercoaster to thinness up and running.  Who was so controlling?  Me.  I despise being controlled… by me and then working, struggling, rebelling against myself.  What the whaaaa?

Working against yourself is exhausting.

I help people make peace with food… and themselves so they can have it all.

The body, the happy, the love, the life… without struggle.  True story

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  1. Peggy says:

    You have helped me see that food is my friend. Sometimes friends let you down but the good ones always stick around. Thanks for helping me find the good “friends/food” to fuel my life!

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