How to make your whole life a labor of love

labor of love

Here’s a strategy

Notice when you are telling yourself,  “I HAVE to do ______ something.”  Like,  I haaaaavvve to go to work, or I have to pay this bill.

Everything you do is a choice.  Change the way you talk to yourself about it.  Instead of saying I have to… say, I choose to_______, because _______.

Here are some of mine, I choose to work because I like having a paycheck.  I like paying for things I need.  I actually like doing a good job and challenging myself.  I choose to pay my utility bills because I really like lights, heat and fresh water.  It provides so much comfort in my life.  I choose to eat healthy because it feels good in my body and fuels me well to do tons of other awesome things.  I choose to workout because I know I feel awesome afterward and I love getting stronger.  I choose to fold laundry because I appreciate having my clothes organized and neat.  

Telling myself I HAVE to do something makes me feel bratty and snotty.  I end up rebeling  AGAINST MYSELF… duh!  Which feels even crappier.

Get to the “why” of your choices.  If the reason creates joy, love or even a scary excitement-do it.  If the reason makes you feel cruddy -stop choosing it.   

Begin to choose what you love and love what you choose.  Remember why you love it.

Post your own!! “I choose to ____ because ____.”  in the comments

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2 Responses to How to make your whole life a labor of love

  1. Peggy Simons says:

    Angie, I just love this. Thank you for reminding me I have choices and to choose what I love! I love you!

  2. Dianne Janish says:

    I choose to read your blog, because it always gets me thinking about what I am doing and why! Thanks Angie 🙂

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