Here’s what peeps are saying about working with Angie

Life coaching with Angie was such a fulfilling experience! She helped shed some light on my own thought processes, challenged my thinking, and taught me how to inspire myself! I gained a great deal of clarity in sorting out my thinking and found ways to think healthier and happier thoughts; thoughts that keep me motivated and give me strength. Thank you, Angie!! But seriously, Thank You, again and again. It was such a great learning experience, but a healthy challenge too! It’s tough, but the more I practice it, I know I’ll get the hang of it. Your time, energy, and ears did not go unnoticed and were so appreciated. I feel like I can really tackle anything coming my way. It all lies within our thoughts….who knew?!? I always used to say, when I hit a bump in the road, “I got this”, but now I truly believe, “I Got This!” So bring it on!! haha! 🙂 What a gift you’ve shared with me and I will be forever grateful!                                              Melissa O., Rochester, NY

Wow what can I say? It was by far the best use of my money. In my line of work I attend numerous seminars with prominent speakers. Angie makes them all pale in comparison. I now walk away with tools that will forever change my life. No matter if you’re looking to take yourself to the next level or your having issues that just seem to hard to bear I promise you will walk away feeling empowered.             Karina R., Rochester, NY

You’ll fall in love with Angie as she helps you fall in love with yourself.            Meadow DeVor, CA



Life Coaching with Angie has helped me find a new way to think and process my thoughts for a positive outcome.  She was very easy to talk with, her kindness & compassion was just what I needed to feel comfortable.  Angie would listen and ask penetrating questions that really made me think.  She brought awareness that the results I want in my life are attainable. I can honestly say it has been a life changing experience which has inspired a new outlook. I am beyond grateful to Angie for all her exceptional help.        Alison H., Rochester, NY

Angie has been my life coach for 4 months.  She is amazing, she does not tell you what to do, she does not judge you, she simply teaches you and guides you to be aware of your thoughts and she does it with pure love.  There is a formula in doing it, you don’t realize how your thoughts can control you and make you miserable, sad, angry, so many emotions I can’t even write them all.  It seems like an easy process but it isn’t.  Coaching is not counseling, coaching is very different.   When I first met Angie I had an immediate connection with her and when she started coaching me, I had told her something’s about my life and my struggles.  One was that my mom had died suddenly 3 years ago and I have struggled with it.  She asked me to tell her my story basically and I did.  I told her I use to be a light to so many and she said my light would shine again that she saw it in me. She told me one day my story would change and she was right, Angie has helped me change my story.   Last month I decided to try to this (this being everything she taught me) on my own for awhile and Angie’s response was “I am so proud of you”.  She is very special and I can’t thank her enough for everything she has helped me see in my life and to find my light and have it shine bright again.  I am so grateful to her.                                Betsy C., Rochester, NY

Angie! …I can not even tell you how much the sessions inspired me… It gave me a voice…and invaluable tools that I can use to help me reach the goals that I have set for myself. I looked forward to every session, and took such valuable information away at the end. It left me with such peace in my heart and a clear vision of the direction of my path. The lessons I learned are burned on my brain!
 ~Thank You for giving me the flame to ” LIGHT the POWDER in my PANTIES!!!”

Pattie H., Lima, NY

Angie! you are all of that(expert problem inspector, thought detective, ninja, etc) and sooooooo much more!! If anyone is on the fence about signing up….GO FOR IT! it is so worth it! Angie is AWESOME! ♥  She helped to clarify my way of thinking and to better understand how my thoughts impact my feelings and actions so now I can make changes…..FOR THE BETTER!  Thanks Angie 🙂                          Kim B., Rochester, NY

I always heard of people saying that they had a life changing experiences, never really believed them. Until I met my life coach Angie. She led me to a path in life that I could say those exact words. “Life Changing.”  Understanding why I feel, act and react to different situations in life became clear. Having the experience of learning how to love myself again and welcoming all different life experiences as positive out comes, made me a stronger better person! Each session became stepping-stones towards self confidence and reaching my goals.  Life coaching with Angie = LIFE CHANGES…that you want !  Vincenzo P., Rochester, NY

If you’re thinking about coaching with Angie–do it. Her perfect combination of compassion and insight always gets me gently into the heart of the issue and out the other side before I know what’s happened. Without fail our conversations leave me with more insight and personal transformation than I imagined possible in a single hour.        Jenny R., Boulder, CO

I always felt able to relax and let go when working with Angie. Angie walks her talk and knew a lot about what I was going through because of all the self coaching she has done. She believed in me. I love that.      Janet A., Antrim, NH

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