How to do something you want to get done, but don’t want to do

Interval Tasking…A Life Coachie Tip

(as far as I know, I made that up, trademark- Angie Merced) ūüôā lol

Steps for getting it done

1) Use a timer. Set it for 15-20 minutes or whatever time you feel is appropriate for the task you are avoiding.

2) Decide to work intensively on your target task and go balls-to-the-wall until the time is up. 

3) Then set the timer again for 5-10 minutes (or so) to get free time or do something less intensive. 

4) Set the timer again. Switch back to the original task and repeat the cycle until your task is complete.

I¬†started this in¬†college especially for intensive studying and writing papers.¬† I really knew I needed to get some serious work done and not doing it was not an option.¬† However, (whiney voice) I still didn’t wanna.¬† This helped me get shit done.¬† I didn’t know why it worked, it just did.

The real reason it works (it’s not the timer)

When I had studying or homework¬†to do I would think thoughts like this…This is going to be hard.¬† Look at all these pages.¬† I¬†HAVE to do this.¬† I¬†HAVE to get a good grade.¬† There’s so much to do.¬† But, when I think thoughts like these, It causes me¬†to feel completely overwhelmed.¬† When I felt overwhelmed, I would do things like this;¬†eat, talk to other people about how hard it was, have another snack, watch tv… a whole bunch of crap avoiding the very thing I was trying to get done.¬†

My results:  More overwhelm, more pressure; nothing got done.

When I started interval tasking and using the timer…I began to think differently about my task… I can do¬†anything for 20 minutes, then I get a break. This isn’t so bad. ¬†This is hard work but it feels good, I actually like this stuff.¬† Hey, I’m really getting into this.¬† I’m in the groove, I might not even want my break.¬† I’m going to rock this project.¬† These thoughts cause me to feel¬†okay, then encouraged, then¬†interested, even enthusiastic.¬† When I feel that way I’m¬†inspired to¬†show up¬†and¬†be my best.¬† I also remember that I really don’t¬†have to¬†do shit about¬†reaching my goals… I¬†am choosing everything.¬†

My Results: Shit gets done and It feels amazing…¬†YES!¬†¬†¬†

Here’s the thing… Sometimes I wouldn’t even switch tasks or take the interval break, or even continue setting the timer.¬† The timer¬†didn’t help me. ¬†It was my own¬†thinking about the task.¬† Cool!

Everything begins with a thought.  Everything.

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A Recovering Foodie

The truths about a recovering foodie who loves food but hates fat…

I ate boredom, I ate anxiety, I ate sadness, I ate procrastination, I ate¬†confusion, I ate not-good-enoughness, I ate frustration…

I even ate relaxation, I ate happiness, I ate fun…

Surprisingly, It wasn’t an issue of what¬†I was eating. Please, you know how many¬†times I’ve¬†emotionally¬†over-ate on health food?¬†¬†Haha…¬†like eating¬†8 apples in one day,¬†a bag¬†of organic coconut treats, a half box of skinny cow bars… there’s more but you get the idea.¬†¬†

I had to really look at why I was eating. 

Once the why of my eating¬†was discovered¬†(insert¬†ongoing thought-work coaching here)…then and only then, did the what become more important to my body.

Trying to change my diet before knowing why I was eating never gave me lasting results.  I would go back to eating my feelings again, falling off track, frustrated about not completely reaching my health/fitness goals.

Now, My¬†ever-evolving goal¬†is to eat well.¬† Fuel my body in order to show up fully, kick life’s ass and¬†be… well, just be me. ¬†

Getting to the why… the true and complete detox, cleanse, reset- for life!


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Red Lobster- How to order anything you want.

Since the fam was in town.¬† We all went out ¬†for dinner after Zumba¬ģ class.¬† Panic came over me.¬† (oh no, I might have to eat junk food.) Just finishing a 21 day “reset/cleanse” (we’ll get into that on another blog post)¬† I’m¬†increasingly more¬†conscious about what I am eating.¬† I threw out 2 choices;¬†Restaurants I know I can get a fresh salad.¬† My sister says, “Angie only eats at like 2 restaurants“… Then my sweet¬†mom generously hands me a gift card to Red Lobster. Everyone cheered… Yeah! Cheddar Bay Biscuits! Lets go! I took a deep breath… I let go.¬†¬† I smiled as we pulled in, as if conceding to “junk food.”

I don’t have anything against Red Lobster, I actually love their food.¬† Every time I go there, I get the Deep Fried, Jumbo, Coconut Shrimp with¬†extra Sweet and Greasy, Pinacolada,¬†Dipping Sauce.¬† We sat,¬†I ordered what always I order… The coconut shrimp-¬†of course.¬† Everything was delicious and we had a great time.¬†

Later that night I noticed how the sweet, greasiness¬†sat in my body.¬† It felt bulky, heavy, my mouth was dry and I just wanted to get in my stretchy pants, my poor¬†hubby had to light a scented candle (yikes!).¬† I said, I wish we wouldn’t have gone there.¬† (as if… It’s the restaurant’s fault that I didn’t consider my body)

This part is Hilarious!  I honestly never considered this at Red Lobster. 

I thought… I could have ordered something different rather than¬†just ordering the same thing I always order.¬†¬†I could have ordered steamed broccoli and salmon or something like that.¬†¬†I like that.¬† ¬†I know it feels¬†happy and healthy¬†in my body.¬† (That’s what my Mom got… she’s a smartie!)¬†

Seriously a revelation!¬† It totally, never dawned on me to…ORDER SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

Wait.  Holy crap!

This is huge! 

Because…I think¬†we do this in our lives.¬†

We¬†settle into¬†things just¬†being a certain way.¬† We don’t even¬†realize other options, even when a whole menu of choices¬†is placed under¬†our nose.¬† ¬†

If you are getting the same results in your life, then you are ordering the same thing.¬†¬†¬†Perhaps it’s time to… give the menu a second look or even order something that’s not on the menu.¬†

Think about it…¬† How to have what you really want?¬†¬†Order it.

Order something different for your life this week.¬† I’m ordering health, hotness and fun.

So, what are you having?

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Yippee!! Positive Thinking

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Unwanted Guest Continued….5 Steps to Effective Resistance Training- For Your Life

Resistance training, in the fitness world,¬†is any form of exercise where your muscles work against resistance… to become stronger.¬† Guess what?¬† Your mind is like that too.¬† You can train it to get results you want.¬† Isn’t that awesome?


5 Steps to Effective Resistance Training For Your Life

1.  Think about a goal; something you want to achieve.

2. Notice any resistant thinking that comes up. Let me give you just a few¬†examples of my own resistant-thought-beauties; Oh, that’s going to be way too hard,¬†¬†You can’t get that done, there’s not enough time,¬†You don’t deserve it, You¬†are asking for too much, You’ll never afford it,¬†You’re not smart enough, not pretty enough, not good enough, you suck!…¬†¬†

3. Clearly isolate one resistant thought. 

4.¬† Ask yourself… What do I feel like doing when I think this thought?¬†… Answer it.¬† See if it¬†will help you reach your goal from step 1? (ehhh…It won’t)¬†

5.¬† Shake hands with the resistant thought, get to know it so you¬†will recognize it the next time it shows up.¬† Then¬†DECIDE if you want to keep thinking the thought. (You might not want to because it doesn’t give you the results you¬†want, but it’s up to you)



“Hey, What’s up Resistance?”

Repeat as needed (ehhh…You will definitely need to repeat often), get stronger, get what you really want.¬† BOOOYAH!

If you have a¬†bunch¬†of resistance, maybe even resistance to resistance,¬†and there is¬†a shit ton¬†of heavy lifting to do, no worries, they are just thoughts. You are certainly not alone in your resistance.¬† ¬†It might be time for a coach.¬†¬†A life coach like me.¬† I’ll help with the heavy lifting.

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How to deal with an unwanted guest

ResistanceThis happens every time!

I set my mind to something, set a goal, start on a mission…¬†Who shows up¬†without fail?….


When I decided to do a video blog… At first, I¬†felt super pumped, ideas¬†flowin!!

THEN… Resistance¬†busted in¬†uninvited (Sneaky B…..!)

Resistance said:¬† You can’t make a video! You’re not a techie, You’re not smart enough, You’re not pretty enough, and you got nothin to say, so forget it…and besides you don’t have the time to figure all this out, who do you think you are?!… My gawd… There’s more, but I’ll spare you.

Ouch… Geez Resistance! You’re an a**

I had to realize… This is shit my mind is creating… But it is not¬†ME, not what I want.¬†¬† When I believe Resistance, I feel really crappy.¬† To avoid¬†feeling crappy, I do a lot of crappy stuff… like eat, waste time, facebook, stalk¬†friends pictures on fb, watch make up tutorials on youtube… I know, pathetic- zip it!!¬†(avoidance behaviors… that is a whole other blog, pa…lease!)

You see here all those actions have nothing to do with MY interests.  In fact those Resistant, crappy, pathetic thoughts give me crappy, pathetic results. 

Actually – It’s cool to know this! ¬†(I got my eye on you Resistance)

So now… I say, Hey!¬† What up Resistance?, I was expecting you

I look Resistance straight in the eye

I shake hands with Resistance and nod

Then I take it down… frickin ninja style!¬†

Fist bump to myself (total ninja geek-fest)

What does Resistance say to you?

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Make Mistakes with Confidence

Here’s¬†something being a ZUMBA¬†¬†fitness instructor taught me about my life…

Make mistakes with confidence!

Mess up, acknowledge it, move on… laugh about it

If¬†I wait¬†’til¬†I have it perfect- I will never have ‘it’

feel free to f*ck up… often

Seriously, my mistakes are the last thing other people are thinking about

I notice…people still ‘like’ me even though I make mistakes in¬†every class…

More importantly, what other people think is none of my business and I love me even more!

The more mistakes I make, the more I learn , the better I get!

Go me! Go ahead, F$ck it up Royally!

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