Thought Cleanse Workshops

Everyone’s doing it!

the Cleanse… the Detox… the Reset

The intention of these programs is to rid the body of toxins that may be obstacles to your health.  Great!

Let’s apply this same concept to your brain… No, you don’t have to drink 8 bunches of kale a day (unless that’s what you love to do) I love the idea of “detoxing” your mind and your thinking to intentionally blaze a clear path toward your success.  Reset your thoughts to get results.

Every goal that you reach was first created and met in your mind.


Increase your chances of reaching your goal by signing up for the

Thought Cleanse Workshop 

Register for this inspirational 2 hour workshop with Life Coach, Angie Merced

  • Get teaching, coaching, tools, fun, love and much more
  • Get support in developing a health/fitness goal
  • Get help in making your goal crystal clear
  • Recognize your true purpose in creating this goal
  • Create direct action steps toward making your goal happen… fur realsies
  • Understand how your thoughts are the true predictor of your outcomes
  • Gain awareness of your thinking and learn how it directly impacts your success
  • ……Wait….. this next one deserves horns and a drum roll……………………………………………..
  • Get a formula to test how successful you will be with your action steps and ultimately reaching your big goal
  • Given the results of this formula, learn how insure your success
  • Get support in reaching your goal

Workshop offerings: Coming soon

Location: Rochester Area

Cost:  only $40

Contact Angie

Sign up now… OMG I can’t wait! This workshop is packed with goodies!!

2 Responses to Thought Cleanse Workshops

  1. Paula Benetti says:

    Angie, I am very interested in attending the Thought Cleanse Workshop on June 23rd if there are still openings. If there are please let me know where to send the check. Thankyou very much. I really enjoyed our talk yesterday. Paula Benetti

  2. Kristen Mansfield says:

    Wish I could be there, sounds like fun~ Oh and then I could wish you a happy birthday in person!

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