Work With Me

  What is this Life Coaching all about?


Don’t you just want to be the rock star of your life, feel amazing and love it?  Sure we all desire stuff, but it’s because we long to feel better; more secure, more confident, more appreciated, more loved, more awesome…

You’re totally smart. You’re completely capable in so many areas of your life.  You’ve tried to make changes, but… not quite hittin’ the sweet spot.  You get a hint of deliciousness, but can’t keep it up…. and sometimes life’s just tough to swallow.

You are here because you are ready.  Ready to find what’s keeping you from the oooey, goooey, goodness in your life.  You want it. You can taste it.

 You don’t have to struggle

Are you ready for









 Are you ready for yourself?…Because this is going to be epic


  • I am an expert at helping people understand why they are getting their current results and why they are feeling what they are feeling.
  • I show you how it all plays out in your life.
  • I tell you the truth and love you at the same time
  • Sometimes, I will make fun of you, but only to your face. Hey relax. You might laugh hysterically at yourself.  Yes, even when there is pain to process… I’m not even kidding here.
  • Once we uncover the obstacles? You get to start creating your life exactly the way you want it—on purpose.
  • I use specific tools and questions to help you discover what’s in the way of the stuff you want.
  • We practice using the tools.
  • I am not just any random life coach.  I’m one of the good ones.  I’ve been certified and trained by the best in the country at the Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo and Meadow DeVor.
  • Another cool thing.  Eventually, as you are coached, you will learn to DIY. This is the part I am so excited about…  DIY!!!   You will learn tools to leverage your life.  Yup, coaching yourself…a priceless, life-enhancing skill (superpowers).

Here is what I am offering to you

One month of one on one coaching (4- 50 minute sessions)        $250

Two months of one on one coaching (8- 50 minute sessions)     $475

Three months of one on one coaching (12- 50 minute sessions)   $695

Get Awesomized 

Connect with me to schedule sessions or send me a message

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